backtestr was created in order to help professional traders, money managers, and institutional investors and laymen alike to create quantitative trading ideas directly in a web app with no programming experience. Today is 4/14/2020 and I am building out the front end of the website. I've used tools like blogspot or wordpress in the past but I've never developed a website from scratch. The back end is no problem. This website is going to be a collection of almost 6 years of scripts and programs I've been working on during my time in finance. There is so much information that it is a shame my hard-drives are sitting on it and the tools are collecting dust. Now the task is to convert all of the back-end work into a beautiful and easy to use interface for all. In terms of a business strategy, there will be a small beta period with an invite only period where 'founders' can join in perpuitiy for a small fee to help cover server and maintance costs. As feedback and migrations occur over the beta trial, backtestr will slowly roll out a simple subscription based model that users can sign up for. Looking forward to keeping everyone updated until then! PP


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