Added Analysis...

Yessss.... all the features that I have on the twitter posts that I make with backtester via python notebooks is now live on this website. More to come on that front.

Updates 4/15

Phew! What a day. Added a ton of security features for the blog. I imagine that there would be some kind of community here where users can share their findings so it is important that there is proper protocols for bad actors. After spending hours of watching django and plotly tutorials, I was able to get the basics of a backtester going on our dashboard. I'm very happy with the result so far and like I mentioned before, I'm no full stack engineer so this is new for me. Added - Ability to choose tickers - Ability to manually input conditions - Testing basic variables like a conditional for weekday

To Do / Complete

It is 2:44 AM, been up all day working on this app. Time for some rest. Here are things I want to finish: - Tabs - Sync Ticker - Nightly downloads of Data - Run computations client-side Done - Charts - Basic Dashboard

Changes 4/14/2020

- Blog added - User Profiles - Added Pictures - Bios - Authentication - SHA256 Encryption - About Page - Login / Register Functionality


backtestr was created in order to help professional traders, money managers, and institutional investors and laymen alike to create quantitative trading ideas directly in a web app with no programming experience. Today is 4/14/2020 and I am building out the front end of the website. I've used tools like blogspot or wordpress in the past but I've never developed a website from scratch. The back end is no problem. This website is going to be a collection of almost 6 years of scripts and programs I've been working on during my time in finance. There is so much information that it is a shame my hard-drives are sitting on it and the tools are collecting dust. Now the task is to convert all of the back-end work into a beautiful and easy to use interface for all. In terms of a business strategy, there will be a small beta period with an invite only period where 'founders' can join in perpuitiy for a small fee to help cover server and maintance costs. As feedback and migrations occur over the beta trial, backtestr will slowly roll out a simple subscription based model that users can sign up for. Looking forward to keeping everyone updated until then! PP


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